“I can’t recommend Karen enough. Scout is a Cocker Spaniel and we started at 10 weeks. We have had 8 sessions and each has been invaluable. I was dubious of the games for sure but they 100% work. Scout loves some more than others, but the point is you end up focusing on the ones that work. The advice Karen has given me has enabled me to have a 17 week old puppy who is clean, loves her crate, loves playing, loves sleeping, loves the car, loves me and is really well behaved and enjoys life. I genuinely believe without Karen’s guidance this wouldn’t be the case. We still see Karen to work on refining some things but our dog is a joy and it’s all down to the practical advice we have been given at every step. Scout adores Karen too!
Happy to chat to anyone who wants to know more. Karen has my details!”  Bron Ellis, Dorset

“Karen was very professional and my 3 dogs responded well to her. She looked after them while I was away and when I came back, they were all quite calm and happy. My little dachshund even searched the house looking for Karen as I think she loved the games and the stimulation. Thank you for looking after them so well, we will definitely be using your services again in the future!” M, Beaminster

“We have used Karen for her dog walking services for our aged Weimararner for two months now.
She is incredibly competent, kind, efficient, knowledgeable and punctual.

She is thoughtful and considerate regarding the intense summer heat and tailors the style of the walks to the individual needs of the dog. Including some games to encourage an elderly dog to mobilise! Which has helped our dog enormously.

She is a dog trainer too which is essential for peace of mind for any responsible owner.

We would not hesitate to recommend Karen.” G & J, Bridport

“At the point at which I was getting a puppy and looking for someone who could sit with him for the few days that I would be at work.
I met with Karen in advance of getting my puppy and liked her immediately.  She gave me some really helpful advice in enabling me to prepare.  
Once I got my puppy I then introduced him to Karen and she was really great with him. We then arranged the days for her to puppy sit.  
I have to say that Karen has been absolutely amazing.  Each time she dog sits for me she updates me on how my puppy was that day and also sends me pictures.  Whilst she is with him she does training with him and shows me the techniques that she has used so that I can carry on and therefore we are both completely consistent with him which really helps him learn quickly.  
If I am worried about him, his health, his behaviour or any aspect of his training, I let her know and she comes straight back with really helpful and practical tips and advice that always works.  She has given me so much helpful information, advice and support and has even sent me videos of her doing some training with her dogs so that I can see how to do it in practice.
As well as her skills with dogs, I have found Karen to be highly professional and entirely trustworthy and when she is dog sitting she looks after my house as though it were her own and always leaves everything clean and tidy.   She is also a really lovely person and really kind and thoughtful and always goes above and beyond what I could have ever expected.
I feel extremely lucky that I have Karen as my dog sitter (although she is far more than that) and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her services.” S, Burton Bradstock