Absolute Dogs Training Academy

Absolute Dogs Training Academy✨✨✨THE DOORS TO THE TRAINING ACADEMY WILL BE CLOSING SOON – under 3 days left! 🌟🌟🌟
I am an affiliate partner for Absolute Dogs and therefore I benefit from memberships created using my link, but it also means that they let me know you are a new member of the Training Academy and I can support you to get started and recommend games to play to help with any struggles your dog may have:
Have you ever wished when you’re facing a problem that a sign would appear with neon arrows pointing at your solution?
Here’s your neon sign! No matter your struggle, whether it is counter-surfing, pulling on lead, barking and lunging at dogs or people, or chasing critters as soon as the lead comes off, there is a game for that!
You can achieve your dog owning dream through games-based training. The Training Academy, our Netflix of Dog Training, and an incredible treasure trove of games-based solutions that target your specific struggles, has helped thousands. Let the Training Academy help you too.
There will never be a better time than now. If you’re on the fence, don’t worry. While the Training Academy is a monthly subscription for £30, it also comes with absolutely no penalty for cancelling and a super easy cancellation process if ever you decide it’s not for you.
Why is the Training Academy for you?
• A flexible, affordable monthly subscription
• Access to:
✨ 225+ games library immediately upon sign up
✨ A Start Here success path to transition you into the Training Academy structure
✨ A supportive, positive community in the form of a dedicated Facebook group where continued learning takes place.
✨ 10 Days to a Food-Crazed/Toy-Crazed Dog for those dogs that lack motivation for food
✨ Boundary Games badge with step-by-step instructions to achieve magical reliability on Boundaries with one or multiple dogs.
Absolute Dogs Training Academy✨ Calm badge to become an expert at layering in calm into your dog’s day.
✨ Weekly lives called Transformation Talks with Tom and Lauren
✨ A new game added every Wicked Wednesday
✨ Access to a super cool monthly newsletter that brings everything you need all into one place
✨ Super Trainer Live archives for you to explore whenever you’d like
✨ The ability to make custom tailored training plans via a super cool playlist feature
✨ And more!
The clock is ticking. What do you have to lose?