Welcome to Kamaze Dogs

Absolute Dogs Training Academy open for new members April 2020
Over 240 dog training games and other resources available to new members until 28th October.

My name is Karen Caile and I am a Absolute Dogs Certified Pro Dog Trainer based in West Dorset.  I own and breed Large Munsterlanders under the kennel name Kamaze.  I have over 20 years experience working with dogs and have also owned or helped owners with a variety of breeds including whippets, labradors, spaniels, dachshunds, terriers and collies. Struggles you may have with your dog are most likely very common and I can help you. 

Are you getting a new puppy?  Enrol on our 1:1 puppy package where I introduce you to concept training using a games based approach to dog training. 

The quickest way to contact me is via email to hello@kamazedogs.co.uk or through my Facebook Page – Kamaze Dogs.  Please leave your telephone number so I can call you back.