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Playing these games with Dora has been a game changer – I have taken her to some dog shows in the past where I haven’t been able to get her in the show ring for barking and jumping at the end of the lead.  At Bournemouth Dog Show last Saturday, Dora won Best Bitch in Breed.  Whether your dog pulls on a lead, barks at noises, other people and/or dogs, there’s a game for that.  You may just want to build some desire for your dog to play with toys, improve their recall or retrieve an article to hand instead of parading around you with it, there’s a game for that too!  Join the absoluteDogs Training Academy, over 200 games and other resources for just £30 per month, no minimum subscription, cancel anytime though I doubt you will.  Use the link below to register, if you need some more information or help navigating the Academy, message me.


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